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Liquor liability or “dram shop” liability requires a keen understanding of general tort principles and the obligations imposed upon establishments that sell or serve alcohol in our jurisdictions.  Our attorneys at Reilly, McDevitt & Henrich understand the nuances associated with standards of intoxication, analyses of blood-alcohol content, over-service allegations, and hospitality industry training and certification. We routinely represent commercial hosts including hotels, restaurants, taverns, social clubs, and public dining facilities, as well as suppliers, distributors, and importers in various liquor liability claims.

Our representation includes working closely with the bar owners and their employees.  The primary focus of our initial evaluation is to ensure that the needs of our clients come first.  Owning and operating an establishment that serves alcohol is challenging enough in our region.  The influx of litigation has made bar ownership extremely difficult.    The proper representation is imperative to ensure an outcome that will satisfy all parties.  Reilly, McDevitt & Henrich attorneys work quickly to evaluate a claim and develop a plan to move forward with the appropriate defense in a liquor liability matter.

We often work with toxicologists, investigators and accident reconstructionists. Toxicologists are often crucial in looking at the blood alcohol level at the time of the accident. The investigators work with the bar owners and employees to locate and develop witness leads, often critical in their observations of whether or not the person was ‘visibly intoxicated.’ An accident reconstructionist can assesses whether there are other potential causes for the accident.   Developing a solid defense to eliminate the exposure of the bar owner is a primary goal of our team.