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Reilly, McDevitt & Henrich has a long history representing its defendants and insurers in virtually every type of automobile accident claim in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.    Our attorneys represent insureds in simple and complex motor vehicle accidents. We provide an early case assessment during the investigation process following an accident or incident. The firm’s extensive experience in this area enables its attorneys to determine best tactics and strategies to employ based on the facts of each claim. While not every case requires investigators, accident reconstructionists, biomechanical and/or medical experts, or surveillance personnel, Reilly, McDevitt & Henrich attorneys know how to maximize the use of each option when necessary.

Our offices employ attorneys dedicated to the defense of automobile claims. They remain abreast of new, relevant Appellate decisions to insure that our clients have the benefit of the best representation available. We provide seminars and reference materials to our clients so that they stay well informed regarding legal developments in our handling jurisdiction. We work hand-in-hand with claims professionals to aggressively, and economically, defend claims and bring them to conclusion in an efficient manner.

Automobile insurance matters pose numerous potential issues arising from policy interpretation, including who is an insured, priorities of recovery, and potential ramifications for failure to use precise policy language. Reilly, McDevitt & Henrich has counsel well-versed in the intricacies of motor vehicle policy interpretation. Our clients benefit from having attorneys who routinely address various coverage issues.