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Reilly, McDevitt & Henrich has substantial experience in handling all aspects of property damage matters from disputes between neighboring property owners, litigation arising from fire, flood, storm, theft, wind, and vehicular damage. We also represent clients involved in litigation based on disputes over construction.

First party property damage matters involve a direct and personal contact with insureds in their time of need. These matters often arise from homeowner and/or commercial property policies. Unfortunately, there are few areas of insurance claims that generate more complaints and litigation. Even when an insurance company handles first party property claims faultlessly and fairly, it is an unfortunate inevitability that some litigation may result.  The direct and personal contact with the insureds, the complex nature of the policies at issue, the limitless number of claims scenarios, combined with the ever-increasing percentage of insureds represented by public adjusters, make this area of insurance claims ripe for lawsuits.  A key to a proper defense of these claims is selecting the right lawyer for your needs.    Our attorneys are familiar with these issues and the law as it pertains to first party matters and bad faith.   We are focused on providing outstanding representation with a focus on early evaluations and a comprehensive litigation plan.